Revit 2022 – Vote for Revit Idea: Face Cut Circular Walls to Apply Materials


The existing Revit idea has been archived due to a lack of interest by the Revit community. I have resubmitted the idea and if you thought it would make for a useful inclusion in the future, please vote for the idea so it may be put on the roadmap for the development of Revit.

I love using Revit LiveSync from Lumion when designing in Revit.

Autodesk, Revit 2022, Curved Walls, Cut Face, Material, Lumion, LiveSync

It allows one to pick up potential problems that one will encounter when finally rendering the model. Things like assigning materials per category can be made before and one can walk around to see the model more clearly. One can also see the effect of painted materials and cut faces.

It is common practice during the conceptual design of the model not to include finishing layers on the walls (plaster). This allows one to dimension quickly to the faces of the walls as this is just like builders would need the dimensions. In a further development of the model separate walls can be modeled to represent tiled surfaces and plaster.

When one has walls that span more than one room, and the material needs to be different from one room to the next, one would typically cut the face of the surface and paint the separate faces using a material. This is picked up in Lumion and one can assign a Lumion material to these materials.

When Curved walls are encountered, the cut face tool fails both horizontally and vertically. In this case, it is necessary to create the wall as a combination of separate walls. One can create a wall the is composed of split layers, but then the underlying materials would have to be different (a problem with material take-off). At best the separate walls need to be managed when it is taken through to Navisworks for construction scheduling.

Autodesk, Revit 2022, Curved Walls, Cut Face, Material, Lumion, LiveSync

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