Revit 2023 – Annotating Manufacturing Drawings from Within Families


I had an interesting support session with a client recently where they needed to produce manufacturing drawings for a family. As background, the family typically does not have the same dimensions in a project due to ceiling heights and floor layout. The family is constantly evolving, and new modeling must be added from time to time. The projects are relatively small and have a fast turnaround time.

The traditional method of managing BIM family libraries, therefore, does not apply. A reminder, we have a Read Only library which is copied to the new project, after which the families are re-developed as required in the project, and the BIM Manager does a reconciliation afterward, inspect whatever was done by the project team on the family and incorporating improvements in the Read Only library.

The method that was decided on was to print the family from within the family. One must make peace with the fact that the dimensions are going to include their parameter names, and that one can not have sheets to place the drawings on.

Autodesk, Micrographics, Revit 2023, Manufacturing Drawings, Families

On reflection, it was decided to create all the parameters as type parameters and then create types for each separate project. That way the dimensions are recorded in memory and can be stored in a template. If the family is modified then it is first done in the template, then in the container project. This allows one to dimension the component in the project in context, but then each dimension must be created independently as opposed to having them set up in the family from the beginning.

Autodesk, Micrographics, Revit 2023, Manufacturing Drawings, Families

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