Revit 2023 – Browse to Docs to Save Materials to Autodesk Docs

We can now write materials to the Autodesk Construction Cloud! Many users of Revit have complained about this in the past and I am sure everybody is happy about this. Revit models are often rendered in Revit itself and having to manage images and materials while disconnected from one source of truth just opens the team up to errors, omissions, and time wastage.

When you create a project on the cloud, include an image folder for the project, and write the material library to a shared cloud folder. For good measure, also set the path to the image folder in the render settings.

While some of you may not have used custom materials in the past or altered the render settings, this is a great time to learn to manage materials. Include the workflow in the Project BIM Execution Plan and educate the users to use the materials correctly.

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