Revit 2023 – Door Schedules Filter by Sheet


You can now filter schedules by the sheet it is placed on. This is a great addition to Revit in 2023 that aligns the capability of schedules with those of Keynote legends. The schedules are automatically shortened by simply placing them on sheets. Only one schedule needs to be created as it may be placed on multiple sheets (unlike views). The schedule automatically adapts its output to the sheet it is placed on. Brilliant!

While this is still not an explicit solution to shortening extremely long schedules that need to be printed on multiple sheets, it does offer a solution that might be of some interest to many situations.

What I would like Autodesk to do is to allow us to either limit the schedule by the number of entries or to let us hide views on sheets so we may print shortened schedules. Currently, we still need to use some or other parameters to limit the length of schedules with some filter.

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