Revit 2023 – How to Revolve a Revit Mass Shape


It is a source of frustration that Revit does not follow the typical method of most platforms to create Boolean solids in the massing environment. One does not, for instance, invoke a Revolve command to create a revolve. One has to sketch an open profile if one wants to generate a surface, or one has to sketch a closed profile if one wants to create a solid. Then one must not forget to sketch an independent line defining the axis of revolve.

Once you understand this, it is not difficult to create the required shape. I always recommend starting simple in Revit and then increasing the complexity as required. This is because the generation of the solid might fail if it is too complex. Approaching the shape from simple to complex gives one a chance to understand where an error might occur, and one may then rectify the situation before wasting too much time on redoing the complex shape in hope of achieving a better outcome.

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