Revit 2023 is more Sensitive than Revit 2023


I have used Revit since 2014. The way in which items have been snapping has been constant for most of the versions. I recently put Revit 2023 through its paces in a classroom over the course of 4 days. What struck me is that the snapping behavior is much different to what it was. If anything, it is less clear and more sensitive than what we are used to, but it tracks more. That said, I am not quite sure if I like it or not. I know we can snap to object snaps by typing in a shortcut, but it is irritating to have to look away from the screen to find the keys. In AutoCAD, the Shift + Right Mouse Click override is easier to execute. It would be nice to have the same object snap override in Revit. I will wait for the next update before making up my mind and creating an idea for the platform. It is good news that Autodesk is clearly spending time programming the Revit platform, but I think they need to pay some attention to the sensitivity. It takes concentration now to get things right, and that makes the mind tired.

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