Revit 2023 – Set up a Site Container – 1 of 3


This is one of a series of three blogs.

Revit 2023 – Set up a Site Container – 2 of 3

Revit 2023 – Set up a Site Container – 3 of 3

In this blog, we look at how we create or prepare Civil 3D or AutoCAD files with some contours and eastings and northings from which we can then set up a Revit container file for the project that we are busy designing. We then link the CAD file into the Revit file, after we specify the coordinates and generate the topography. We also draw the property lines. This fall now represents the container file into to which we can bring our other designs of individual buildings to reside in.

Finding a consistent way in which one generates a site container file is good for a company because it can be written into the protocol, but this does depend on being given the information in a format that is amenable to your company protocol by the civil engineer or surveyor. For that reason, it is a good idea to establish a working relationship with the party that provides us with the survey information.

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