Revit 2023 – Set up a Site Container – 3 of 3


This is one of a series of three blogs.

Revit 2023 – Set up a Site Container – 1 of 3

Revit 2023 – Set up a Site Container – 2 of 3

Revit 2023 – Set up a Site Container – 3 of 3

In this blog – the third and last of the three blogs dealing with the Revit site container – we open the site container and then link in the two Revit designs that we’ve done by shared coordinates. We show how one of the designs can have its shared coordinate duplicated and moved. We do that three times, and we also show how upon saving those shared locations are saved back into the linked file. So, that would be a good option when you have a design that is repeated on a site. We do mention that it is specifically relevant to a project that is developed on a local area network or on the hard drive. Although we don’t deal with it, it is possible to generate the same result on the cloud. Named locations in the Autodesk Construction Cloud it is a much more involved process and takes a lot longer. Then, lastly, we show how the link can be opened and, if necessary, the container file may be bound, and the topography made native to the design.

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