Revit 2024 – Coordinated Sample Models


Revit 2024 has been released with a set of coordinated Revit models as samples. They are called the Snowden Towers. There is an architectural model, a structural model, a mechanical model, an electrical model, and a facade model. This is a great help since one had to create one’s own models or adjust these samples provided by ordered Autodesk in past versions.

This now makes it easy for anyone wanting to test the clashing of models and to experience first-hand the collaboration between disciplines.

Revit 2024

The models were still created as local models so if you have a full Revit license, do yourself a favor and create central files from them with worksets.

Coordinated Sample Models

They are all coordinated using the internal origin of Revit, so you would also have to create a shared coordinate system if you were to like to link them in as we do within industry projects.


If you have access to Collaborate Pro, you now also have an easy way to test a project in the cloud. The federated project model and the clash detection may be of particular interest to you. The fact that we now have a complete set of coordinated models will make your testing of the cloud platform easier than it has been in the past. Use that to your advantage.

Revit 2024

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