Revit 2024 DWG Export Overrides


When you export a Revit file to DWG, you are mapping categories and subcategories onto AutoCAD layers and colours.

A very interesting scenario was proposed by an interior Architect who needs to provide DWG exports to a property manager who is still operating in AutoCAD. How does one differentiate walls meant for one shop in a shopping centre form another via the layer export?

Well, there are overrides that one can apply. If you have the Revit instead of the Revit LT license, then you can use worksets to designate the override. Overrides are limited and one sometimes one must use a workaround, like here.

Use a similar worksets method if you need to provide other overrides that are not catered for in the Revit package as it is.

Unfortunately, mapping does append a number at the end, but this can be fixed quite easily using an AutoCAD standards file and a layer translator (LAYERTRANS).

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