Revit 2024 – PyRevit Wipe Unpurgeable Elements


Sometimes you will find it impossible to purge Revit elements. It can waste a lot of time trying to do so. I remember having a go at view types and failing completely. Then I discovered a thread on the discussion forums referencing PyRevit. I decided to give PyRevit a go and to wipe the elements before purging them. Basically, one selects a family type and then one replaces it with another, after which one can purge the unwanted type. You can download PyRevit here.

PyRevit will become one of my go-to apps to install each year. It is free to use in its simplest form and is of great use to me. And everybody likes free stuff, right? If you are a BIM Manager, you should always check out the Apps to install and consider the cost benefit. In this case, why bother? Install and use.

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