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In this blog we follow on from the previous blog and create a schedule to list the SANS calculated lengths for rebar shapes. We look at the difficulty with shape code 86. We see how the extra coils above and below are not considered in the formula and can cause big inconsistencies in the calculation. We consider that there is no way in which one can map the parameter onto the Revit length parameter. There is also no way in which one can map the parameter from within the family. So what is one left with?

One option is to create a separate schedule for shape code 86. Making this exception results in an extra step to take. In these cases, the BIM Manager must record the step in the Corporate BIM Protocol.

The other option would be to create a Dynamo graph to extract the relevant information from the project. This would involve a bit of research and development to prove, but from what I know it should be possible. Once the dynamo graph works, it can be released to the production team for playing, and the method should also be recorded in the BIM Execution Plan.

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