Revit 2024 Twinmotion Open Door Walk Mode


When you use Twinmotion to navigate your model, you have a choice between flying and walking. When you initiate the walk tool, there I suddenly an inability to walk through a Revit door that is closed. People refer tot his as physics rules in the platform. I prefer walking because eye level is at a constant height. One can also walk up and down stairs and one is prohibited to walk though furniture.

There are Twinmotion doors that can be used to replace the Revit doors. The Twinmotion doors open automatically when you want to walk through them. There are some properties associate with the opening of the door. The distance at which the door opens is particularly handy.

If you move the doors in Revit from one session to the next, Twinmotion loses the associativity of its door to the Revit door.

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