Revit 2024 – Wall Wrapping is Also Controlled by Window Family


Sometimes when you don’t model a Revit family for yourself you may be confounded as to its behavior within your project. I recently had this experience when I loaded a windows family, and it did not cut the wall as expected. Initially I suspected that it was the wall definition and that the layers were not defined correctly, however it turned out that it was within the window family itself that I needed to make some adjustments. The family correctly used a wall opening and not a void to cut itself out of the wall host, so it must have been something else causing the family to misbehave.

Autodesk, Micrographics, Revit 2024,Wall Wrap, Wall Closure, Window Family

Within the family, as can be seen below, there are reference planes that have been designated as wall closure reference planes. These planes were not correctly constrained with respect to the generation of the wall width, and therefore the layers did not wrap correctly. Adjusting these layers according to my preference solved the issue.  When your window family does not respond as expected this is one of the things that you should check on. You might have to create multiple types within the family or even separate families so that all the walls can be accommodated. They may not have the same layer structure or overall thickness. Note, it is not recommended on large production lines that authors just load families in, rather let a BIM manager first vet them for usage.

Autodesk, Micrographics, Revit 2024, Wall Wrap, Wall Closure, Window Family

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