Revit Dependent Views Not Sheet Aware


Revit Dependent Views Not Sheet Aware

When following the UK BIM Protocol for Revit to the letter, it is required to filter views by the following constraint: “Sheet Number Equal to <None”>.

Even though the Dependent views are placed on sheets, they are listed as not placed due to the Parent not being placed.

A workaround could be to pretend the Parent view is one of the dependent views and place that on a sheet. Still, if one of the children were not placed, the schedule would not pick it up as only the parent is considered.

The only other solution that can be applied is that Dependent views not be used. Instead, create independent views and force their appearance to comply with some standard using view templates.

If you think child views should have their own sheet awareness, please vote for the idea that I created here:

Alternatively contact Micrographics directly and ask us how we may be of assistance.