Revit DWG Imports on BIM 360


AutoCAD (DWG) and Design Review (DWF or DWFX) files can now be linked directly in to a Revit file from the files that are automatically synchronized from the cloud onto the desktop through the Autodesk Desktop Connector. This is great as one no longer must download the files to be linked onto one’s hard drive each time someone else updates the file. Also, the mark-up file (Design Review file) can now be stored in one location for management purposes, and this file can be linked into multiple users files at the same time. When the user synchronises the file (only one may do so at a time).

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If you need help using BIM 360 to link AutoCAD or Design Review files into Revit (or help with your BIM workflows), please do not hesitate to contact Micrographic so we may assist you.