Revit Installation error – Space in Windows username


Revit Installation error – Space in Windows username


I recently run into an installation problem where the software gave an error upon installation. The error look like this screenshot below:

The solution

After looking it up on the internet I found the page on the Autodesk Knowledge Network:

The page mentioned the possible problem is that the Windows username contains a space. I had a look at the username and indeed it had a space. The username was the user’s name and surname but with a space in between.

The solution was to change the Windows Temporary Folder to a simple folder that does not contain a space. I changed it to c:\temp and then re started the Revit installation.

These changes are done in the Windows Environment Variables. To access these settings, you start the System settings found with in the Windows Control Panel:

Then click the Advanced system settings on the left and then in the next dialogue box the Environment Variables.

Once the Temp and TMP folder locations were changed to c:\temp I restarted the Revit installation.

It successfully finished and thereafter I change the Windows Temporary Folder back to its original location.


Learning from this above you should not use any spaces in your Windows Username. Experienced users that comes from the DOS era where spaces are frowned upon this is nothing new. In DOS spaces were normally replaced with an underscore (_) So if you need to use a space then perhaps use this underscore as a space.

Then the second lesson we learn is that if you encounter an error in any Autodesk installation it has probably occurred to someone else and they might have recorded the error and solution on the internet. Normally found on the Autodesk Knowledge Network.

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