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We have recently come across an issue when using the Contour Cut tool within the Revit Steel Tab. The issue is when cutting through a web of a column that contained a fillet then the cut is disabled when the fillet is should. The fillet only is shown in the fine Level of Design/Detail ( LOD).

Problem Explained

To explain the issue, I have drawn a steel column. In the Medium Level of Detail view you do not see the fillet  in the web.

Contour Cut-1. Medium Lod

In the Fine Level of Detail you do see the fillet of the web.

Contour Cut-2. Fine Lod

I set the View to Medium LOD and then used the Contour Cut tool from the Steel Tab in Revit. I then selected the web as drawing plane.

Contour Cut-3. Select tool and face

Using the Rectangle tool I draw a open area as shown below. Click the green Accept tick mark.

Contour Cut-4. Draw area to cut

The result in Medium LOD is shown below.

Contour Cut-5. Result in Medium Lod

As soon as I change the Level of Detail to Fine the Contour Cut disappears because of the fillet that prevents the cut from being applied.

Contour Cut-6. Opening is removed in Fine LOD


To do this type of cut you should use the “Opening By Face” tool found in the Architecture or Structural Tabs.

Contour Cut-7. Opening by Face

Then select the appropriate plane to draw on.

Contour Cut-8. Pick Face

Then draw the area you want to cut and click the green accept tick mark.

Contour Cut-9. draw cut area

The opening stays visible even if I set the view set to Medium…

Contour Cut-10. cut in Medium LOD

Or to Fine.

Contour Cut-11. cut in Fine LOD


As the Contour Cut tool is part of the new Steel Tab introduced recently in Revit you do accept that teething issue will be encountered. This is obviously a problem and hopefully wil be looked at. Luckily there is a workaround in this case.

If you need any further assistance with the Steel detailing within Revit or come across other problems, please let me know at


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