SANSCalc Exporter for Revit 2021 has been released



The SANSCalc Exporter is a small free app that you install as an add in to Revit to export relevant data from your Revit projects to a database format that can be imported/opened by both SANCalc Desktop or SANSCalc Online. This is used then to create a fenestration report and other Energy efficiency calculations.

Process to install.

Each year a new Revit gets released by Autodesk and this allows us to then update the exporter. The SANSCalc Export Revit 2021 Add-In app is available on the SANSCalc website by following the process:


SANSCalc Exporter - 1 - homepage

Then select either SANSCalc Desktop or SANSCalc Online option at the top of the page. I selected the SANSCalc Desktop option.

SANSCalc Exporter - 2 - select Desktop or Online

Then select the Exporter options.

SANSCalc Exporter - 3 - select Exporter

Once you have selected the Exporter button you’ll see the Exporter download links on the next page. You can select the 2021 Exporter as shown.

SANSCalc Exporter - 4 - Exporter for Revit 2021

This will take you to a Dropbox area and you can then download from here:

SANSCalc Exporter - 5 - Dropbox download area

Once downloaded you can install and the add in will appear in your Revit 2021 under the Add-ins tab:

SANSCalc Exporter - 6 - Revit 2021 Addin Tab

What does the Exporter do?

It caters for export of data on rooms, windows, doors, curtain walls and lights for use in SANSCalc to do fenestration calculations mainly. Just remember to follow the export guidelines found on the site before you export: Here is a screenshot of the area of interest:

SANSCalc Exporter - 7 - Point to consider before export


We hope the release of the 2021 version of the Exporter will assist you to move to Revit 2021 and be able to still be productive wrt exporting to SANSCalc and doing fenestration calculations. If you need more info on SANSCalc you are welcome to contact us at: