Registering is free and there is some limited free content available. With the free account 15 textures of small and medium resolution may be downloaded. With a Club member Account (donation of 12 Euro or more), 50 high definition royalty free textures may be downloaded per day.

There are lots and lots of wonderful textures to use in your renderings. Even roof tiles with snow on them.

Ceramic wood tiles.

Animal fur

These textures can be downloaded in a zip file

Extract files

In this case a texture and a bump map

Now when images like these are used in a project, please save them in a folder which is also transmitted to a receiving party, as they will not have the images available for their material assets unless you do.

Duplicate an existing material and name it appropriately.

Duplicate the appearance asset and name it appropriately. The texture is assigned the image by clicking on the hyperlink below the image display on the dialogue.

The texture mapping by clicking on the image

The bump map is similarly applied:

Now we can see a nice cold roof with some snow on it (dress appropriately).

If you want great renders (not only in Revit, but also Lumion), remember that Sketchup texture club offers alternatives to Revit. If you need training or help applying materials for your renders, please contact Micrographics so we may be of further assistance with the above.