Sliding Stacking Door – Door Panel Family


In this multi-part series, we will demonstrate how to create a parametric sliding stacking door family in Revit.

In this first installment, a Metric Generic Model family is used to create the door panel.

Reference planes are used to represent the width, height and thicknesses of both the frame and the glass elements. They are constrained to keep the door symmetrical about the origin.

The required model elements are created (frame and glass).

Shared parameters are created to drive the dimensions, as well as represent the material of the frame and glass elements. These shared parameters are then brought into the family as shared instance parameters, and the appropriate dimensions and properties labelled with them.

The type of family is switched to a door family and the shared property checked. A Metric Door Family template is used to transfer the object styles for doors across to the panel. Annotation lines are drawn and constrained to represent the “swing” of the panel.