Sliding Stacking Door – Line Based Component Family

Part two of our multi-part series, find part one can be found here.

A Metric Generic Line Based component is used to array the door panel.

A new shared parameter is created for the number of required panels. This, as well as all the other shared parameters applicable to the door panel family, are inserted into the line-based family as instance parameters.

The panel instance properties are mapped to these instance properties of the line-based component. This is possible as the door panel was set to share into the families it is loaded.

Place the panel and array it along the line. Align and lock the array to the line (reference frames). Set the width of the panel to the length of the line divided by the number of required panels.

Flex the family to make sure it is behaving correctly.

This is the family that will be loaded into the door family. The properties of the panel propagate through it.

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