Slow AutoCAD drawing performance

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Ever experienced an AutoCAD drawing responding very slowly, often resulting with the infamous “Not Responding” message for a couple of seconds before the program woke up again before you got to carry on again? I recently had a client who, whenever he selected or tried to edit an AutoCAD object, experienced the exact same issue even though he runs AutoCAD 2015 from a high-end CAD PC.

First we checked whether an empty drawing was also giving these issues, but it didn’t. Then I did an audit on the drawing, which picked up no errors.

I Zoomed Extents and the drawing seemed to disappear, but it was actually just so small that it was merely a dot on the bottom left of the drawing screen. Other entities were floating on the top right of the screen and were often so far away from each other, that one could hardly see the drawing or the other entities.

I undid the Zooming so only the drawing was visible again. I typed E (erase) and All in order to select all of the entities. Over 12000 objects were selected. I held Shift down and windowed over the visible drawing deselecting the entities that made up the visual drawing. 5000 Objects were removed during the de-selecting process, leaving only 7000 selected which, after I pressed enter, got erased.

After these objects were deleted the drawing functioned at normal speed again. It is advised that you run an Audit first when you start experiencing this issue, especially when working on drawings from other sources. Then you simply Erase All and deselect the visible part – deleting the other remnants.

I hope this article will help you in speeding up sluggishness in AutoCAD drawings you get from consultants.