Storing Classification Codes in Revit 2020 Families

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If you would like to have the codes exist within the families external to the project, then the correct shared parameters muse be loaded into the families. Where would you get hold of the parameters? I use the Autodesk BIM Interoperability Tools.

The BIM Interoperability tools are great, but they do not facilitate the storage of standard codes within Revit family files (.rfa).

This is because they are loaded as project parameters by the BIM Interoperability tools. If shared parameters are created with the same name (but different GUID) in a loadable family, the system families have a different parameter to the loadable families. Instead, export the project parameters to a shared parameter file and load those into a family file instead.

  • Create project shared parameters using the BIM Interoperability Tools
  • Load shared Parameters into families
  • Use the BIM Interoperability Tools to Assign values to the parameters of one type
  • Edit the family and populate the parameters across all the types using a formula, then remove the formula and writing the family back into the project.
  • Save the families out to a library (with the parameters populated)

Clearly there is some good opportunities to apply Dynamo to automate a lot of this work.

If you need assistance managing codes within Revit families, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance.