Support ended for pre-2011 Autodesk software


A customer asked us recently for assistance to generate an activation code for their AutoCAD LT 2009 software as they encountered a problem with the activation.


As an Autodesk reseller I would create a support case on Autodesk and provide the request code and and Autodesk will then provide the activation code.

Support ended

However the feedback of the case was that since 31 August 2019 Autodesk no longer provide technical support (including new activations) for pre-2011 Autodesk software. The following article outlines this policy:

Product Support Lifecycle

If you visit this page scroll down and select the FAQ as shown.

1. Support ended - Main screen

As per the FAQ link :

2. Support ended - Support

Autodesk is enforcing the Support Policy from 31 August 2019 and thus no new activation code for pre-2011 versions will be issued by Autodesk Technical support.

Also, worth noting is that you can carry on using your pre-2011 Autodesk software provided it does not ask for activation.

Future Product Support policies

In this document you’ll also read about activation requests for 2011 and later products. You can ask for activations until March 2021.


The provided reason is that the older code generators are not compatible with the current systems anymore. I also believe that the Windows 7 end-of-support date of 14 January 2020 has bearing on this decision.


As we all know technology progress at a rapid rate and that creates the need for old technologies to be buried after a while.  I think this is a bold decision by Autodesk but the correct one.

I also know that there are Autodesk Sales promotions correctly running that users with old Autodesk Software can trade in their old versions and get a discount on a new product.

If you need more information on these promotions or any other questions please contact us at :

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