The Advantage of having Autodesk Docs in the AEC Collaboration Collection


When one decides to invest in the AEC Collection, one gets a license for Autodesk Docs that is included.

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Docs is a license to start using the Autodesk Construction Cloud Common Data Environment.

  • Connect teams on the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform, allowing easy transfer of information from design to construction.
  • Get the right information into the right hands with structured folders and robust permission tools.
  • Communicate and collaborate with project teams using a full set of markup tools.
  • Increase accountability and track and resolve issues from a single centralized list.
  • Easily create and share transmittals with project teams and track with a full audit trail.
  • Open, save, move, rename, and delete files directly from your desktop with Desktop Connector.
  • Integrations with Autodesk tools such as AutoCAD and Revit help streamline workflows and reduce duplication.
  • Seamlessly upload and view 2D drawings and 3D models, so teams have the right information.

Note, there is a limitation of 100GB on the cloud storage capacity for Docs. If necessary, you can always buy into the Collaborate or Collaborate Pro license should you need more space or features on the cloud.

Autodesk Docs conforms to the Bring Your Own Subscription (BYOS) license model. In practical terms, this means you are allowed to create your own projects and invite other teams to join, and they may also decide to invite you to join their projects.

Learn how to save a Revit or Revit LT model onto the cloud. This allows others to link in the file in as a cloud reference.

If you need help adopting BIM Standards and software like Docs to manage the process, please contact Micrographics se we may be of further assistance. In the interim, please discover all the wonderful creations our contemporaries overseas are coming up with.

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