The Autodesk Construction Cloud


Introduction: What is the Autodesk Construction Cloud?

In short, this is a vision of Autodesk to connect all the processes need to create s building from conception to construction stage, in the cloud. You can learn more on the vision at :

The website for the main Autodesk construction cloud is found at:

Learning more about the Autodesk Construction Cloud:

In this time of isolation, we perhaps need to learn new forward-looking skills. If you are involved in the construction industry one such idea is the Autodesk Construction Cloud. The learning resources are located on a new page and will be updated and time goes by:

The Autodesk construction Cloud - 3. Isolation

The online learning resources range is very extensive and range from BIM, BID and Project Management to IT concepts and Prefab/Modular construction concepts.  There is also an interesting part called “Expanding your Mindset.”

The learning is divided in 4 main areas:

  1. Top Autodesk Learning Resources

  • BIM Management
  • Design Collaboration
  • Document Management
  • Estimation
  • Bid Management
  • Project Management
  • Field Collaboration and Coordination
  • Cost Management
  • Operations & Turnover
  • Technology Strategy and IT
  • Prefab/Modular
  1. Remote Working Resources

  • General
  • For Architects
  • Tools Available
  1. Expand Your Mindset

  2. Community Resources and Forums

The Autodesk construction Cloud - 2 Resources

In conclusion:

The idea from Autodesk is to provide a platform of resources to enable the construction professional to develop themselves and learn more of the construction field’s future, in Autodesk’s view. If you need more information on this topic or other related information please contact Micrographics at :