The new BIM product portfolio from Autodesk


The new BIM product portfolio from Autodesk


In November 2020 Autodesk announced change in the BIM360 portfolio. On the 9 February 2021 these changes have been taken into effect. In this blog we’ll be discussing the various changes.


There are 3 main products.

The first one is bundled with the AEC collection software and it is called Autodesk Docs. It also cannot be purchased as standalone. It is very similar to the previous Bim360 Docs and it only includes Document Management, Insight and the User administration modules. So it’s the basic common Data Environment.

The next one is Autodesk BIM collaborate which is similar to Autodesk Docs and has additional Design and Model coordination modules. However its designed for the for the non Revit User to manage the projects.

The last one is called. Autodesk BIM collaborate Pro and include everything in the Autodesk BIM Collaborate but has the Revit Cloud worksharing module and other Civil3D and Plant 3D collaboration modules built in. This is the old BIM 360 Design software, and this platform is used by Revit Users to collaborate.

The new BIM product portfolio from Autodesk - 1 Construction cloud


As we can see Autodesk and the cloud are ever evolving. A couple of year ago we moved from the first generation of separate cloud based Autodesk collaboration tools to the next generation of BIM360 of which all was built on Bim360 Docs as the base platform. This year Autodesk is moving BIM360 to a new unified technology platform that is similar to that which hosted the Autodesk Construction cloud.

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