The new draft Energy Efficiency Standards ( SANS10400-XA 2nd edition) has been published for public comment.



Since a couple of year ago we had been informed that new SANS10400-XA standards are being worked on and will be published soon.

A couple of websites had information on what could possible be in the new Standard. One I can refer to is this article from Building and Décor :

The draft standards have been made available free of charge for public comment until 24 March 2020.

Getting hold of the Standards:

If you would like to get a copy of the draft standards, please follow the process below.

Visit the SABS Standards site at:

Click on the link on the top of the paragraph as shown.

new draft sans10400-xa standards 1. visit sabs site

A PDF will be downloaded in a new tab. (I have set PDF files to be opened by my Chrome Browser. ) listing all the draft standards available and you can search on this PDF for “10400-xa” either manually or pressing CRTL+F and typing in 10400-xa in the search area.

new draft sans10400-xa standards 2. search doc for 10400-xa

Now select the standard’s name, right click and copy the text. Then click on the link on the PDF as shown.

new draft sans10400-xa standards 3. Copy the standard name

A new tab will open. Complete the form and submit. Note that you should a reason for requesting the draft standard. Click Submit and you are done.

new draft sans10400-xa standards 4. Complete form and submit

Once submitted you’ll receive a confirmation of your request.

new draft sans10400-xa standards 5. Confirmation of submitting


I waited a week and received the Preview standards via email. I’ll be looking through the content and start to internalise the information and then we’ll start to work on updating our SANSCalc software. If you would like to find out more information on our fenestration calculator please contact us on: