The recent Autodesk University 2020


The recent Autodesk University 2020


The Autodesk University event is a conference where Autodesk users meet and where Autodesk keynote speakers provide information to the direction in which Autodesk and then industries are going towards. For the last couple of years,zthe Autodesk University was held in Las Vegas in the US but this year is was held as a virtual event in November.


Upon reaching the home page of the AU event you can watch the keynote addresses by the industry experts. There talks are high level and very informative in showing the direction Autodesk is going.

Here is the Home page:

You can either select the main AU Overview and or select a particulat session you want to watch as shown.

The recent Autodesk University 2020 - 1 home screen


Once you have watch these keynote sessions you can visit the classes in your particular Industry. For this example we have select the Architecture and Building Engineering industry.

The recent Autodesk University 2020 - 2 select industry

In this section you can visit a number of areas from Exhibitors like Enscape or HP and others to Classes in Architecture, MEP or Structures.

The recent Autodesk University 2020 - 3 exhibitors

Full Schedule

You can also Select on the Full schedule and then select a Product like Revit for instance and then search for and view all the classes on this product.

The recent Autodesk University 2020 - 4 Full schedule


Autodesk University has over 750 classes to attend and you will be able to learn about your industry or software you are using if you spend a couple of hours visiting these classes.

If you need any further training or have any question wrt the topic, please reach out to us at: