Time Delay on Collaborate Pro File Name Change


An interesting situation occurred last week. A client phoned up to say that a file is taking a long time to process on the Autodesk Cloud. After a bit of discussion, the situation in which the query became necessary became clear.

One team had published their Revit Collaboration file. They then renamed the published file using the browser interface and shared the package. When the other teams consumed their model, the file in the package overwrote the file in the consumed folder as well, but unlike the usual process when file processing is expedited by virtue of having had a cache created, the new file took a long time to process. What probably made the process take longer was that the files were also being used to clash detect. I am not sure what the exact process is behind the scenes but note that it once again highlights that you should follow a protocol when naming files in a BIM project. The more pedantic you are about structured data, the less impact small changes like file renaming will have on downstream processes.

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