Use Autodesk Software to Design for the Circular Economy


In 2005 I walked past a desk at work and picked up a book by Ellen McArthur that someone had left lying around. I paged through the book in about a minute, not paying much attention. I never did read the book but understood she sailed around the British Isles as a young lady.

I never understood why anyone would want to race yachts. I loved cruising before I stopped sailing altogether in 2005. I loved the ocean, but I only want to be out there with a like mind or on my own. Henry Timme introduced me to sailing and had the right idea, or so I believe.

I paid more attention when Ellen appeared on Top Gear. In the interim, she has gone nuclear with her foundation. Clearly the environment and climate change are of great concern to her, as it is to Greta Thunberg and many others like us.

I recommend you visit her website and read about the Circular Economy as it applies to the Built Environment. I learned some interesting statistics from her page.

There is also a circular design guide.

As we are accelerating into an exciting future, I believe IoT, 5G, and Elon Musk’s Starlink are going to enable connectivity like never before and the data we generate will enable us to do amazing things, not least of which is controlling the narrative of our own design adventures.

Of course, central to the design of much of this will be Autodesk and the Cloud.

If you need help to adopt Autodesk software as you become involved in projects like the ones that as championed by Ellen MacArthur, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance to you in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction sector as well as Product Design and Manufacturing.