Use BIM for Good


Not employing standards via a Corporate BIM protocol is invitation for disaster. The arrow of Time cannot be reversed, and you get one shot at a building.

Initially, every excuse is used to negate the BIM process for a more favorable bid on a project, for example.

  1. As the project progresses and becomes more complex, it gets delayed because the models are uncoordinated, and teams become confused, flustered and demotivated, having to work much longer hours than should have been necessary.
  2. The company suffers reputation damage. The company
    1. Cannot be trusted to deliver on time.
    2. Is technologically challenged, does not enable or educate its workforce.
    3. Is unable to manage its human capital or keep its employees relevant in a fast-changing and competitive environment. A result is that the best usually leave first.

Data drops become problematic.

  1. Automation fails
    1. A lack of structured data cause Dynamo scripts to fail, resulting in potentially, thousands of work hours wasted. This money could have been written off against the project costs.
    2. The workforce regards Automation as a threat as it might make them obsolete. Exactly the opposite should be true. With a little bit of training and familiarization, employees can be employed in a programming role themselves or can be employed in an ever more creative manner using the scripts that are available, resulting in a better building the client.
    3. Once automation is established, platforms like Refinery can be used to optimize multi-variable problems and propel the company into the 4th industrial revolution and onto the international stage.

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