Use DAE for Lumion Export when Plugin is no Longer Compatible with Revit Version


So, you may have invested in Lumion a few years ago. The quality that the version provides is sufficient to perform a role in your business and unfortunately, you were unable to upgrade to the more powerful newer versions.

In the meantime, Revit has advanced, and the software is at a stage where Revit no longer allows for you to LiveSync with the older Lumion version. What is the best way you can still capitalize on your investment?

Two scenarios present themselves depending on whether you own Revit or Revit LT.

When you own Revit, the preferred way to export to Lumion is to use the DAE export using the Lumion Plugin. This should then be able to be opened by earlier versions of Lumion. Remember to collect the textures.

Revit 2022, Lumion, Add-in, DWG, DAE, Mismatched Version Workaround

When you own Revit LT, then the Lumion add-in will not work at all (Revit LT does not facilitate add-ins). In this case, you can export a 3D view from Revit LT as a DWG file (you do not need to own AutoCAD to be able to do this).

Revit 2022, Lumion, Add-in, DWG, DAE, Mismatched Version Workaround

If the Lumion version predates 2018, then make sure to export the DWG file in an earlier format than 2018.

Revit 2022, Lumion, Add-in, DWG, DAE, Mismatched Version Workaround

As technology marches on, eventually your software may become outdated. If the cash flow is available, and you want to stay at the top of your game in competition with your peers, then consider contacting Micrographics so that our sales department may advise you on the best way forward, so you always have the latest and best version of Lumion available for your business.

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