Use Lumion 9.5 Productively


Designers envisage snug home models that best fit their clients and want most of all for them experience it before the time.

Every year Lumion debuts some new tools and advance existing ones that, inserted into a body of work, result in more exciting renders than ever before!

At the wave of the wand, models are transformed into vibrant representations of life. The key to unlocking their enthusiasm is creating media content they can relate to, and your posing rendered scenes go a long way to expertly manage client’s expectations.

If deeper eplorations of models or interrogations of your design intent are required, live links are established between your design models and Lumion. Clients then pose questions as you guide them around the living space you are conceptualize for them.

Lumion has a friendly user interface, making it a pleasure to playfully explore to your heart’s content. Multiple special effects allow you to expand your way of working.

Attention to the little details make all the difference when operating in a crowded and mature market space. The capability of Lumion is such that you can now compete against firms using Autodesk 3D Studio Max (used to fool the observer so they can’t distinguish between reality and fantasy). Many Hollywood movie studios use Max for computer generated effects, and architects for renders.

Lumion is much easier to learn than MAX and allow one to compete in the Architectural market at a fraction of the cost, achieving a comparable result. Just have a look at the amazing videos featured on our web page.