Using Curtain Lighting Effects in Lumion 7.5


Curtains are some of the best assets an Interior Designer/Architect has to compliment a space. A Change of colour, and the other material properties play a major effect. Lumion has a dedicated curtain library, and two important properties of these materials I the waxiness, and the transparency. Either one or the other may be applied, and although I would have preferred both, they nonetheless give one some great visual options.

In this video a little room that was modelled in Revit is imported. An adaptive component was used to model the curtain, which enables one to make it look as if the wind is pushing against it, or just to add a bit of real world disorder. It just adds to the realism. If one were to include a movement of the curtain in Lumion one would need to do the animation in Autodesk 3D Studio Max and them import the model.