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In this blog we’ll be looking at some of the new feature the developers have added to Lumion 10 and 10.3

Lumion Account

A new Lumion account area has been created where you can log into and download the latest version of your software and also change your details.

Whats new in Lumion 10 - 1 Account

High-quality preview

The new high-quality preview in Lumion 10 lets you see the highest possible quality preview of your project before you render. So when you make changes you don’t have to render and re-render to see the effect of your changes.

Whats new in Lumion 10 - 2 Preview

Fine-detail Nature (Pro only)

A new library of 62 new Fine-detail Nature models have been added in Lumion 10 and are the most detail-rich, beautiful 3D tree and plant models available in the Lumion content library. The idea is to place them strategically to enhance the viewer’s experience wrt the environment.

Whats new in Lumion 10 - 3 Nature

Displacement mapping

Additional mapping has been applied to 167 materials giving you more realistic material similar to the left side of the sand in the image below. The sand is much more realistic as it has a displacement map added.

Whats new in Lumion 10 - 4 Displacement Maps

Import your own displacement maps (Lumion 10.3)

Now in 10.3 you can also add your own custom displacement further enhancing your materials quality, making them more customizable and unique. On the left side of the image the paving has much more depth than on the right.

Whats new in Lumion 10 - 5 Custom Displacement Maps

Real Skies at night (Pro only)

Lumion 10 has a new night effect to show your model at night and have great visual for the skies.

Whats new in Lumion 10 - 6 Real Skies

Aurora Borealis (Pro only)

And another sky effect is the northern lights to give a different feeling to your model.

Whats new in Lumion 10 - 7 Aurora Borealis

Photo Matching (Pro only)

This effect allows to you import the image as a background and use the image perspective to align your building to. Making your model blend in better.

Whats new in Lumion 10 - 8 Photo Matching

Heightmaps for OSM (Pro only)

You can now enable height for the areas that you select in the OpenStreetMap address location. In earlier versions, only the building was shown. This is great to supply context for you building.

Whats new in Lumion 10 - 9 Heightmaps

AI Artist Styles

With this effect you can present your views as artistic painting-like styles that look like Monet, Picasso and other artists. This could be a great add on to provide your client with a painting of his project that they can put on their wall.

Whats new in Lumion 10 - 10 Art Styles

New objects

With Lumion 10 there has been 365 new objects in Pro and 104 objects in Standard added. The models range from HD animated people to seating and kitchen items and a lot more.

Whats new in Lumion 10 - 11 New Objects

New materials

With Lumion 10 there have been 34 new high quality materials added ranging from exterior soil to indoor tiles. All these materials also include the displacement mapping as mention earlier.

Whats new in Lumion 10 - 12 New Materials

Paint placement

You can now paint objects like trees around an area, for quick and easy creation of many trees to provide context.

Whats new in Lumion 10 - 13 Paint Trees

LiveSync for AutoCAD (Lumion 10.3)

LiveSync for AutoCAD has been added. We we always able to import AutoCAD files but with allows the linking to be better, so if you change anything in AutoCAD then it updates in the Lumion environment.

Whats new in Lumion 10 - 14 AutoCAD LiveSync

Custom materials library

A Custom Material library has been created for you to store your edited material in to. You can then easily re-use these custom materials in future projects.

Whats new in Lumion 10 - 15 Custom Material Library

Landscape cutter

This tool allows you to cut the landscape to expose the sub-terrain you need to show. For instance, the depth of a swimming pool or a building’s basement.

Whats new in Lumion 10 - 16 Landscape Cutter

Ease in/out control for movie clips

This effect is used for videos where you can accelerate into a video and decelerate at the end of the video. This just enhances the viewer’s experience.

Whats new in Lumion 10 - 17 Ease In Out

Improved object library

They have added larger thumbnails for each item as well as the ability to minimize the library when not used.

Whats new in Lumion 10 - 18 Improved Library

Improved DWG import

He DWG importer has been integrated to Lumion 10 and updated. We’ve found that model from AutoCAD Architecture and other ‘flavours’ of AutoCAD imports perfectly. Some AutoCAD materials like glass and water also get auto assigned in Lumion as a bonus.

Whats new in Lumion 10 - 19 Dwg Import


As you can see there are many new features included in Lumion 10 and 10.3. If you have an older Lumion version, you can upgrade to benefit from these features. Remember that some are only inside the Pro versions. If you need more information please contact us on: https://www.mgfx.co.za/contact

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