Whats new in Revit 2021.1 – Load Autodesk Family Preview

What’s new in Revit 2021.1 – Load Autodesk Family Preview


Every year Autodesk releases the new version around March/April and then a couple of months after they release an update. This is now called a ‘point’ update meaning it’s a 2020.1 version. In this blog, we’ll be outlining one of the features.

Load Autodesk Family Preview


Although we can still load content from the local drive on the PC we use Revit on this technology preview allows us to view and load content from the cloud. This is a great idea and could allow us to not install any content in the future. However, you’ll need a fairly fast and consistent internet connection as this feature is reliant on the cloud.

How it works.

The new icon is situated on the ‘Insert’ ribbon tab next to the existing ‘Load Family’ icon.

Once opened you’ll see some information about learning how to use the Technology Preview and once viewed you can ‘Dismiss’.

The content window has a search area at the top for you to search for specific named content. On the left side, it has a category filter. In this case, I selected the Furniture category and then Seating.

Once you then select one of the content items and click Load it will download and Load the item. I selected the Locker room bench.

You then need to place it using the Component tool.


This tool is a good idea as it will allow the content to be centrally located on the cloud and then the users will then only use/download the content they actually use. This will also give Autodesk the same idea which content is popular and perhaps improve on those libraries.

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