Whats new in Revit 2021.1 – Shared Views


What’s new in Revit 2021.1 – Shared Views


Every year Autodesk releases the new version around March/April and then a couple of months after they release an update. This is now called a ‘point’ update meaning it’s a 2020.1 version. In this blog, we’ll be outlining one of the features.

Shared Views.


With this feature, you can collaborate by sharing a 3d view with people that do not have Revit. You simply go to a 3d view and select the ‘Shared View’ tool in the Collaborate view. Once the processing is done you’ll receive email notification of the completed process.


You can either forward this email to the person you’d like to share the view with or inside Revit copy the link next to the shared view and send it to the person to want to share the view with.

Once they receive the link they will be able to open and view the 3d view link using the Autodesk Online Viewer.  They can mark up and add comments to the design which will once again be uploaded and see their comments in the shared view, inside Revit 2021.1.


This new feature is a very useful one as it enhances the checking working within an organization as well as enhances the deliverables or progress reports you can provide your customer as they design progress.

You can install the 2021.1 updates by using your Autodesk Desktop App or log in to your Autodesk Account at http://manage.autodesk.com and download and install the update.

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