What’s new in Revit 2022 – Hide non-core Wall Layers


What’s new in Revit 2022 – Hide non-core Wall Layers


Revit 2022 has been released and we’ll be looking at some of the new features. In this blog we’ll focus on the ability to hide non core layer when working with walls.


In the past, if we use a 270mm cavity wall and place 15mm plaster layer to the inside of our walls but when we do the dimensions they snap to the outside of our walls. This is correct in normal instances but in the building industry the builders would lay the bricks to the dimensions given and that could pose a problem as you dimension not to the brick but the plaster. So there is a mismatch of 15mm as shown below using Revit 2021.

Hide non-core Wall Layers - 1 Current walls

You could get it right by changing each dimension’s witness line to read the correct item, but was time consuming and you can easily make mistakes in picking up the wrong line.

Hide non-core Wall Layers - 2 Can adjust

Using Revit 2022 you can now turn of the non-core layers in the Visibility/Graphics Overrides window. This might then only show to brickwork and not the plaster, if the wall is set up so that the plaster is not in the core. If you then do the dimensions it is easier to pick up the correct linework to dimension to.

Hide non-core Wall Layers - 3 Vis Graphics settings


Using this addition to the Visibility Graphics Overrides in Revit 2022 allow you to provide more accurate dimensioning much quicker.

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