What’s new in Revit 2022 – PDF Export


What’s new in Revit 2022 – PDF Export


Revit 2022 has been released and we’ll be looking at some of the new features. In this blog we’ll focus on the PDF Export option.


We have been waiting for this and finally its here. The PDF export is built into Revit 2022 and  you can find it in the File -> Export menus.

PDF Export -1 menus

Exporting Single Views

I opened the Default Sample project, went to the 3D view and exported the view. The view gets generated as a 2D PDF as shown below when opening in Adobe Reader.

PDF Export -2 3D PDF

Exporting multiple Sheet

I went to the PDF export tool once again and used the “Selected view/sheet” option. I set this to <In-session> and clicked the Edit tool.

In the next dialogue I filtered to see only the Sheets also unchecked the “hide” option. I then selected all the Sheets and closed the box.

PDF Export -3 Filter Sheets

I then selected the option to Combine the Sheets into one file and also set some options. Then I clicked Export.

PDF Export -4 Set PDF Settings

The PC started to process the PDFs and then generated them. I opened the PDF file manually. The process is similar to printing and other PDF processes in an AutoCAD workflow.

PDF Export -5 Sheets in PDF


This new feature in Revit 2022 is great as you now don’t have to install 3rd party PDF writers and this also removed the issue these 3rd party PDF Printer might have. This all save you time and effort.

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