Adding a list property to Plant 3D P&ID

In P&ID it is useful to have pre-populated drop-down lists of information,

This restricts and guides users as to what info is expected in that field.

To create one on these lists,

We need to do a bit of tinkering on in the back end.


Open the Project Setup,

For this example, I am going to add an EXT ID to all Engineering Items.

Just a tip, if you want to add the property to multiple classes, make sure you add the property at a high level,

Or else you will be adding the information in multiple times.

In the Engineering Items,

Click Add in the Properties area.




















Give the property a name and display name,

Set it to Selection List then click OK.











Select Add List














Select Add Row,

Fill in the Value and Description and select OK.














The row then gets added, you can add in as many rows as needed.

Select OK to accept changes.














Don’t forget to select Apply to save changes.




















Now to make use of the information we have just added,

We can embed it into a something like a tag

In a tag that is linked under the object we added the property to,

Select the Modify (Or better, create a new tag)

Select Class Properties,

Then browse to and select the new property.

Click OK when done.




















The Property is inserted,

Select OK.

And OK again in the Project Setup.










You can now see the property drop dawn list is active in the Assign TAG,

Select the property and select Assign.













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