Assigning Voltage to Electrical Panel


To create an electrical panel that conforms to a voltage that is not available in the project, some Electrical settings need to be assigned first.

Define a voltage, giving: (maximum > nominal > minimum) values. Any circuit that contains components that fall within this interval can be connected to panels that are rated at this voltage definition.

The distribution system must also be defined. Step the voltage in the correct direction for one to exercise the option to assign it to electrical panels.

If you are unsure on which definitions and values to use, please consult an Electrical Engineer, as electricity is dangerous and should be treated with caution.

To see how one may convert a generic family to a panel family so that it can host a generic annotation, consult the following blog:

If you need training or assistance creating panels for the voltage and distribution system you need, then contact Micrographics so we may be of service to you.