AutoCAD – Custom Fields


A handy trick in AutoCAD is having the ability to insert custom fields into our drawings,

we can use these new fields to insert data into our drawings that we can use to refer to or link to in a database such as or Autodesk Vault,

although the use of these fields in AutoCAD are generally considered to be very limited,

we can make a very powerful reference and storage system using this ability,

Imagine if you were a company making chairs if you created a custom property that may keep things like color or a type of chair,

you can then in the future if you are using a database, using these fields as a reference, could significantly reduce the time of finding designs that you are looking data base.














all we must do is go to the application menu,

Under drawing utilities and drawing properties,

this thing brings up the drawing properties menu,

if we go to the customize tab,

we can then add in new fields.

Just define the custom property name and give it a value then select OK.

Not only could you use these as just a reference for a database, but you can also use them as normal AutoCAD text fields,

these you can reference to just like any other embedded data in your drawing,

you could even use it as a type of rudimentary revision system, tracking, part numbers, maybe even client-specific information,

this way you can update or control the information over the entire drawing in one place.