AutoCAD Design Center Introduction



The Design Center in AutoCAD is a very useful tool when it comes to sharing design elements both within your own drawings as well as between colleagues and external consultants.

To open the Design Center select the View tab on the ribbon and on the Panels panel you will find the icon for the Design Center.

You will find 3 tabs at the top:

  • Folders – This shows you the whole folder structure of your computer as well as network folder locations

  • Open Drawings – This shows you the the drawings that are currently open in your AutoCAD session

  • History – This displays the drawings that you have queried while using the Design Center

At the top of the Design Center dialog box you will find some navigation and viewing icons.

The icons at the top do the following – from left to right

  • Open – opens a dialog box to navigate to a drawing either on the local or network drive
  • Back and Forward buttons – navigates forward and back to previous drawings thahave been opened and queried in the Design Center
  • Up one folder – Navigates to the folder housing the drawing being queried
  • Search – Searches for content such as drawings, hatch patterns, and blocks
  • Favourites – Favourite drawings that you regularly refer to for blocks and other AutoCAD content
  • Home – Navigates to the Design Center sample folder

The next 3 icons control what panels are visible on the Design Centre

  1. Tree View Toggle – Visibility of the folder structure panel on the left
  2. Preview – a preview of the block that has been selected
  3. Description – self explanatory

The last icon controls how the the information in the drawing is visualised

  • Large icons
  • Small icons
  • List
  • Details

So there we have a quick overview of the interface and how to customise the look of the Design Center.