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Polysolid in AutoCAD 3D is a very underrated tool,

I use it often in Plant 3D for quickly drawing wall objects.

When most users use it,

they get frustrated,

normally this is because they don’t follow a golden rule in AutoCAD:

If something fails to work, check the command bar, or command history.

It explains a lot about what happened, tells you what options are and what input the command is expecting.


As Polysolid is much like a wall, I will use wall, as an analogy to assist in understanding.

In Polysolid we get several options once it is selected:

Specify start point or…this is default option and is like manually drawing a 2D polyline


If we look at our command options, we have:

Object that allows us to select an existing Polyline.

Height allows us to control the height or elevation of the wall.

Width allows us to set the walls thickness.

Justify can be a bit tricky, it is asking which side we are drawing on, do we want the wall cantered on where we are drawing? Or maybe inside or out?







using these options, we can accurately draw walls around areas with remarkable speed and precision.












Some people may be asking, why not just extrude the walls up?

You can do that if you have a nice, clean, and prepped drawing and/or polyline around the walls… but normally this can take a while,

Also, the command for Pushpull can take ages to register an area and may not work as you intend.

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