AutoCAD – Saving Partial Customization Files


The following video shows how to save out some changes made to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) of AutoCAD. These changes are saved into what is known as a Partial Customization File.

Sometimes just installing an update for CAD can reset the system setting and ones workspace to defaults. If one has spent some time customizing the CAD interface this is very irritating. A prudent step is to save one’s changes out in partial customization files. This is at first maybe a little confusing, but once one has the hang of it then customising CAD is really not that difficult in most cases.

That said, there are a lot of things to keep in mind if one is using AutoCAD professionally (including defining one’s own Line styles, hatch patterns, plot style tables and tool palettes). All of these require a knowledge of how CAD and some external files work together.

One option is to invest in the brilliant reference: “Mastering Autodesk CAD 20XX”. Acquiring this reference is optional when attending and CAD course at Micrographics.

The other is to attend the AutoCAD Advanced course that we offer (we deal with these topics during this course).