Autodesk Data Translators

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Autodesk Data Translators

One of the things that I do not think a lot of people realise is that you should not have many data translation issues from other mechanical software vendors when it comes to Inventor.  Autodesk really has put a concerted effort into making Inventor one of the best data translators in its class but what happens when something does go wrong?  Recently I had an issue with translating a .SAT file.  The problem lies in the fact that the version was not supported by Inventor….so what now?

Well, you probably have either the old Product Design Suite or the new Product Design and Manufacturing Collection and that is where the advantage comes in.  Why not try one of the other packages that are available to you to do the translation.

3DS Max has the ability to import .SAT files.  I gave it a go and it worked.  So if you find that you cannot import a file with one of the many packages that Autodesk offers in its collections try another.  You will be surprised and you will also certainly not waste a lot of time back and forth with whoever you received the files from trying to get something that works.