Autodesk HSM and the power of Community

Autodesk has always been known for being heavily involved in the Architectural and Manufacturing CAD space but did you know that they have a plethora of solutions for CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

As an Inventor and AutoCAD user I was always having to look for third party applications and add-ons to complete the workflow that took my design from being drawn up on the computer to a physical component in my hand.

A few years ago Autodesk took the plunge and started the process to fill that gap by acquiring InventorHSM and HSMworks.

This (in my honest opinion)was one of the software packages that has really made it worthwhile to transition over to the Product Design and Manufacturing Collections from the old Product Design Suite that was available.

The HSM CAM software runs inside Inventor which alleviates having to learn a new interface.  The features are like any other CAM package, mill, turn so you would not have a problem there.

So what makes this software so special.   What special magic would make you switch over to this software?

One of the magic bullets Autodesk has always had is the power of community.  In all the software that I have seen the community has not been as extensive and involved as the Autodesk community.

What does this mean for you?  Post Processors!!  Autodesk has filled the HSM software (straight out the box) with many different post processors.  If it is not there then you can just go to the website to look for more.  It’s that simple.

What if you cannot find your software?  All you need to do is ask.  That is what the community is all about.

If a little work needs to be done for your coding purposes a fee might be applicable but by using this you are able to start manufacturing your components in no time at all.

To access additional post processors you can click on the below link.

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