Autodesk Markup PDF in Design Review


We had a query from a client on whether we know of software that can mark-up PDF’s. Subsequent discussions on disclosed that the client would like to save back to PDF format.

It made us think of Autodesk Design Review, which is freeware from Autodesk built around markups for Revit and AutoCAD. The DWF or DWFX format is easily linked or xref’ed into Revit Sheets and AutoCAD Layouts respectively. It is a great workflow and available for all to use. The file formats are small in comparison to the authoring formats and are therefore easily transmitted to stakeholders.

To open a PDF in Design Review, set the file format to open to All (“*”) and then just open the PDF.

Autodesk, Microsoft, Design Review, Adobe PDF

Now ultimately the client was not interested as Design Review cannot write straight back into PDF format.

Neither the Autodesk Viewer, BIM 360 or True Viewer allow for one to save back directly to PDF format, so in this client’s case Design Review was not the correct solution.

However, one can easily print the markup into PDF format. There are quite a few 3rd party PDF printers out there that one can download for free. I like PDF Creator, although I have also used Cute PDF in the past. Download PDF Creator and keep your eyes open when installing so you don’t inadvertently install other software. Have a look at PDF Architect, if you like to, although I just install the printer driver.

Autodesk, Microsoft, Design Review, Adobe PDF

Print the mark-up.

Autodesk, Microsoft, Design Review, Adobe PDF

If you have queries about the markup of your documents, please contact Micrographics so we may advise you on the most appropriate solutions for you and your company.